In 10 days, You, Me & Everyone will be watching The Bloody Beetroots, The Crookers and Partyharders tear up a private club, and the fact is that I will probably limp away with the biggest smile the world has ever seen.

Even now, just the thought of it is like shaking up a big container of ether and spirits inside me, and when they hit play next Thursday, that container is finally going to blow and I’ll be spinning around like an out-of-control hot air balloon, all fiery and everywhere and whatnot.

I don’t think the Beetroots know what’s coming, but I can guarantee it’s going to go to their heads. 

Shouts to Tommy, The Beetroots and Adrian from Undocumented Management for going out of their way to help a fan. Word of advice though, you’re going to need riot gear to calm me down. Thanks again guys.

A. The Bloody Beetroots – Mac Mac (Alt: YSI)
B. Goose – Black Gloves (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) (Alt: YSI)

P.S. Three minutes of video ten times better than A Cross The Universe.


6 Responses

  1. maybe 3 or 4 times better, I really liked that movie. you’re just too much of a sucker for bangers

  2. I know. I love them.

  3. dude
    i like the beetroots also!
    but that cmmnt that cornelius vid is better then a cross the universe is the stupidest thng ive ever heard!

  4. That’s exactly what I said!! In 3 minutes, the BB convinced me that they are more Badass than Justice will ever be.

  5. indeed.
    maybe even 11 times better. across the universes sucked

  6. I was just reading this old post and steve can shove it. Because the bloody beetroots tear the fucking limbs off of ANYONE AND EVERYONE. THEY ARE TOO SUPREME. ha ha sorry I’m kidding, but really they are just fun beyond belief.
    The Kids at Portland Playground

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