Friends w/ Benefits

mp3 blogs
The Hype Machine


5 Responses

  1. did you just change this list to be called “friends w/benefits” if you did then i love it. if you’ve always called it that, then i’ve, uh, always loved it?

  2. haha, “Friends w/ benefits” has a much better ring to it then “Blogroll.”

    Well played.

  3. Hey, keep posting new stuff. I love your blog and I couldnt get enough of it. Hehe.

    Anyway, could you take a look on my blog and maybe affiliate me if ever youll like it? Thanks!

  4. thanks! sorry for the late reply, i have been cramped by school and others lately.
    btw, im from asia, phils to be exact..yup

  5. Check out & check out

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