The List

Why? Because I’m more likely to stick to these if they’re on the internet.

The List:

1. Get my writing published in a magazine or book. (NY Mag – Fall 2008)
2. Visit the Shetland Islands during the Fire Festival
3. Become conversational in two different foreign languages (Italian)
4. Visit the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan
5. Visit Yosemite National Park and fly-fish there
6. Go on an Alaskan cruise
7. Eat Indian food in India
8. Hang out with my favorite DJs in Milan (Bloody BeetrootsWinter 08)
9. Pick a pumpkin out and make a pie out of it
10. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
11. Attend graduate school in D.C.
12. Get out of debt/pay off my college loans
13. Intern with the Senate (In Progress – Spring 2010)
14. Take a weekend trip to Papua New Guinea
15. Learn to rock-climb well
16. Visit all fifty U.S. states (In Process – 23/50)
17. Attend a major religious service for at least four different religions
18. Milk a cow and drink the milk right there (Photo ProjectSpring 08)
19. Climb Mt. Everest
20. Watch a strong-man competition in person
21. Take a self portrait photo every day for a year
22. Visit Mexico during the Day of the Dead
23. Obtain a six-pack and document the process (In Progress – sans blog but with diary/camera)
24. Go skydiving (November 2009)
25. Take a pyramid tour in Egypt
26. Enroll and compete in Britian’s one-day Tough Guy competition
27. Read 50 books in one year
28. Ride a camel and take a picture of that ride
29. Drive across America, from coast to coast
30. Become a certified personal trainer
31. Climb Patagonia
32. Take recreational culinary classes
33. Get naked on a nude beach
34. Run with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain
35. Visit Easter Island to see the Moai
36. Drive through a tollbooth and pay for myself and the car behind me
37. Walk on a glacier
38. Visit the 7.5 –mile stretch of the Great Wall of China
39. See an electro show in New York City
40. Make homemade chocolate ice cream
41. Try my hand at the five-day Marathon des Sables in Morocco
42. Leave a ridiculously big tip for a breakfast waitress in a small town
43. Hurl tomatoes and get dominated at La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain
44. Stay at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
45. Learn to DJ with pro-tables
46. Brew my own wheat-beer
47. Go to Coachella
48. Live in London for a month
49. When married: take my wife back to Cinque Terre, hike it and jump into the sea again
50. Climb El-Cap with Matt
51. Take a ridiculous picture in the towns my grandparents were born in
52. Meet ten blog friends in person
53. Eat eel-related sushi in Japan at the Tsukiji Fish Market
54. Travel nationally once a month for a year
55. Run for the State House of Representatives
56. Tour the White House
57. Ride in a submarine
58. Take ballroom and swing dance lessons
59. See the Aurora Borealis in Alaska
60. Go wine-tasting in Napa Valley for a week
61. Go fly-fishing in New Zealand
62. Write one handwritten card or letter per week for a year
63. Take snowboard lessons in Mammoth
64. Spend a night in a haunted house – preferably with one other person
65. Travel alone (Italy – Spring 08)
66. Give ten big “just because” gifts
67. Ride in a hot-air balloon
68. Buy one expensive, hand-tailored suit
69. Try a $200+ shot of heavy-duty premium tequilla
70. Hike the Santiago de Compostela trail in Spain
71. Make homemade rock candy like in the planetarium shops
72. Use my fly-rod to catch, clean and cook my own fish a second time
73. Go to the National Hollerin’ Contest in South Carolina and holler
74. Make and fly a kite (Italy – Summer 07)
75. Make love on a train
76. Swim in the Dead Sea and float
77. Attend a white tie event
78. Learn to kayak and run a class of rapids a year through IV
79. Learn to play a song on the mandolin
80. Get my picture in a major newspaper (New York Times – Spring 08)
81. Ride a zip line in Costa Rica
82. Mentor a struggling teenager for a year
83. Hike an un-active volcano (New Mexico – Summer 07)
84. Hike an active volcano
85. Go on a safari in Africa (Land Rover only)
86. Own a Land Rover Discovery II in pale yellow (like this)
87. Spend a month as a vegetarian (Knoxville – Summer 07)
88. Go snorkeling around the Great Barrier Reef
89. Go vegan for a month (September 09)
90. Learn to shoot a shotgun (Colorado – Summer 09)

91. Teach English in a foreign country
92. Climb Mt. Cook in New Zealand
93. Go Caving with headlamps
94. Take surfing lessons in Sydney
95. Climb a mountain in snowshoes (Wyoming – Summer 09)
96. See the Monarch Butterfly Migration in Mexico
97. Visit my friend Will’s parents refuge in South Africa
98. Check out a Battle of Gettysburg Re-enactment
99. Learn how to change the oil in my car
100. Show up at the airport with bags/passport and take the first available flight


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