Cause I’m a hustla, baby.

My brother tells me this is Cameroon’s spring jam of 2009. This is the song coming from every shantie, shack and tube radio. It’s the song you hear while crossing “Africa in miniature“, as you surf the crowds in Douala. Of course, I’ve never been to Came-roon, but I imagine people doing as I do – fists into the air and shouting “yea-h-h-ha!” every time the chorus comes banging around.

A. Chiddy Bang – Kids (Feat. MGMT) @ BUY

As you well know, yesterday was 9/9/09. I assume Sufjan knew that because I also assume he reads CNN. I knew that because CNN decided to update me every hour that it was indeed the nineth day of September. Thanks.

B. Sufjan Stevens – What Goes On (The Beatles Cover) @ BUY

I love this for the completely messy loud beat-y stuff that kind of lifts itself on top of itself and keeps going, despite there being another song underneath. If this was live,  Chew Fu would literally eat Anthony Followill whole and the show would keep going like nothing happened.

What? It’s the truth, don’t deny it.

C. Kings of Leon – Use Somebody (Chew Fu Festival Fix) @ BUY

I considered apologizing. She had locked herself into the other room already, had put on this mp3 she knows I don’t like. I stood in the hallway hearing it, beats like dripping water. No, I thought, I won’t. I was going to apologize, but instead I started putting on my sneakers. She turned up the volume and the door slammed shut behind me.

D. Drake – Best I Ever Had (Grandtheft Remix) @ BUY


Also, the Crystal Method is doing a remix contest for their new single ‘Come Back Clean.’ Remixes can be submitted from August 11 through September 15 through the Inbada music website, found here. The top ten remixes, which will be determined by public voting on the site and will receive some sick prizes (synthesizers headphones etc.) Check it out ya’ll.


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  1. I want to hear about Colorado. Coffee sometime soon?

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