So, after a week of no e-mail and a lost phone (which I use to check e-mail), I literally opened my inbox today with a broom. This lead to many e-mails getting swept up into snowy piles, but I promise that if you sent me a release or a request for a listen, I’ll make sure to follow up within the next few days. Now, what you’ll find below are the first five that caught my ears. Hope you enjoy!

The Nite Cells must have gotten out their electro-brooms too, because they’ve swept wavey-blue synths, a ridiculous yellowy bassline and fire-engine red vocals (see 3:00) into one hell of an electro-color pile.

A. True Psuedo – Eletone (Nite Cells Let Go Remix) (Alt: YSI)

“I’m so fly, ya, I know that’s so clique, but man, she and me been cutting like a DJ.” This song and the bassline stapled to it make me exicted to find new trees to climb, and I’m not talking about the wooded kind.

B. Day 26 Ft. Yung Joc & Diddy – Imma Put It On Her (Alt: YSI)

“My dog, he’s a dj, playing for the kids trying to make some milk bones.”

After that, I’m done.

C. Oh Snap!! – Everyone’s A DJ (Alt: YSI)

Hot enough to cook bacon on your speakers. Props to LJ for the heads up.

D. Kid Cudi – Freestyle (Alt: YSI)

try before you download here.


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