“She said “if you’re not busy / come over for some lemonade later” / I’m a minute-maid man / made minutes in the paper.”

Money-back-guaranteed to catch the eye of a pretty little thing on a bicycle.

A. The Cool Kids – 2k Pennies (Alt: YSI)

I can’t help but imagine finger-picking, hot breathing, dry throats, sloppy-booming, unlocked doors, people in animal costumes and being confused in that rush-of-strange-sounds kind of way. It’s a wonderful, beautiful, mystical confusion though, like messing with a Ouija-board and getting exactly what you asked for. Scary-as-hell, too.

B. Tune-Yards – Little Tiger (Alt: YSI)

Cam’ron steps to the plate. Flicks his cigarillo, as if it were the last step before rolling up his sleeves in a Harlem brawl. Then a shake of his solo cup, a quick 1-2 and bam. Cookies and Apple Juice, ya’ll. DAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

C. Cam’ron – Cookies & Apple Juice (Alt: YSI)

Just as the top song is intended to bring that pretty little thing in, this is intended to help you let her go. Stay up, Gorilla Zoe. Your silver-linning is just around the corner.

D. Gorilla Zoe – Echo (Alt: YSI)

try before you download here.


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