You’re Invited.

Not much to say today, except that I secretly hope you like the post.

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are formally invited to a money management seminar with three-time Grammy-award winner, Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.

Clifford was a high-profile American rap artist before he met finanical mogul Dave Ramsey in a Starbucks last May. Now, the once-king-of-the-south is traveling around in a “My Total Money Makeover” Prius, sharing his dollars and sense (ha) with America.

A. T.I. – Get That Money (Alt:YSI)

“You hit me once / i hit you back / you gave a kick / i gave a slap
you smashed a plate / over my head / then i set fire to our bed.”

What is it with girls, guitars and domestic disputes?

B. Florence & The Machine – Kiss With A Fist (Alt:YSI)

You know that red, flush-faced, huff and puff release you get when you spend five minutes drumming furiously in the air with your hands? That’s exactly what this song is. Two minutes and eleven seconds of red, flush-faced, huff and puff release, and I like it.

C. Sky Larkin – Fossil I (Alt:YSI)

When you hear the chorus, you’ll no doubt think of a certain song, and I’d like to think this openendedness with words is a pretty good example of how music, as a medium, can be something pretty special.

D. Sean Kingston – Mista DJ (Alt:YSI)

try before you download here.


One Response

  1. the rap tracks are alright. where do you find them all? do you listen to 101.1 all day?

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