Swaggered Mysteries.


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“Who be the King of the Sound? / Uh huh / Busta Bus back to just put a lock on the town / Uh huh / Lot of my b****es be comin from miles around / See they be comin’ (Uh!) cause they know how the Busta get down.”

No one on the corner has swagger like this.

A. Busta Rhymes – Touch It (Megasoid Remix) (Alt: YSI)

I’ll try to keep it short, but just believe me that I get overwhelmed when I listen to this song. The music is arranged in such a way that it’s exciting to figure out what’s going on – Gibson creating little mysteries with every turn, making it exhilarating to listen, and listen, and listen.

B. Laura Gibson – Spirited (Alt: YSI)

I’m finally ready to do it. I’m ready to post about Megasoid’s remix of Hell Yeah. I say this because just in regular listening, the song is already up over 15 plays. Admittedly, this might be too much, but when you hear it, 6 plays in, and it starts teaching your legs how to C-walk, you’ll understand.

C. Dead Prez – Hell Yeah (Megasoid Bali Beat Remix) (Alt: YSI)

I can’t decide if this is a song or an audial hallucination – can’t make out if it’s a maybe or a strange yes. Really, I can’t figure out what it is, but it doesn’t matter. I’m already along for the ride. (Look at the picture above while you listen.)

(You make me believe in magic.)

D. Laura Barrett – Bluebird (Alt: YSI)


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