Roll Away Your Stone.


I read this online yesterday and I literally spit the water I was drinking across the room. Let’s just say no one appreciates a 10:00 shower less than the woman sitting across from me.

 Girl 1 : So my Philosophy professor was telling my class about his professor in college making their final one question. So we asked what the question was and he said “What do you mean?”

Girl 2: What? That’s so mean to not tell you the question.

Below are the songs for the day:
Listen before you download here.

“Because I get the same strange feeling next to you – as when I put my favorite record on.” – One of the better lines I’ve heard this year and one heck of a beautifully splattered and shaken mess, just like those coke-bottle tornados I made when I was six.

A. Shelby Sifers – Are You Devo? (The Spirituals remix) (Alt: YSI)

Steps to drive while listening to this song:

1. swell 2. gas 3. sway 4. break. Repeat as needed.

B. The Wombats – My Circuitboard City (Alt: YSI)

Usually, I have a reason, but honestly, I just really, really like this song.

C. Mumford & Sons – Roll Away Your Stone (Alt: YSI)


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