First, even though I rarely read the “25 things” I’ve been tagged in, I think this needs to be read by anyone with a facebook account. Cut it out!

Second, I can’t wait for you to hear the Jada track. So good. Enjoy below.

I admit I mostly like this song because I think I’m addicted to Auto-Tune. Don’t tell anyone though, I’m trying to keep it a secret. I also like the forward whirrs, drums, beats and words – but we won’t tell anyone that either.

A. Mario Ft. Rihanna – Emergency Room (Alt: YSI)

This isn’t a song, it’s scary-as-hell bedtime story. A good one, but Jesus.

B. School of Seven Bells – iamundernodisguise (Alt: YSI)

When I listen to Jadakiss, it’s like I’m sticking my head into a box of fireworks or getting into a fist-fight while riding in a cab. It’s exhil-irating, but I’m never exactly sure how it’s going to turn out. This, however, is awesome.

C. Jadakiss Ft. Barrington Levy – Hard Times (Alt: YSI)

In a line, the words in this song step single file, hoods hanging over their faces, out of your computer speakers, and they form a circle around your room. That may sound scary, until they start throwing money everywhere, like a green paper-y rain, singing “You gettin’ A-rab money!”

D. Twista Ft. Busta Rhymes – Billionaire (Alt: YSI)


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  1. In light of recent events, this Mario and Rihanna collabo is even creepier. What’s even weirder is that the demo leaked over a month ago…

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