From the Get-Go.


Apologies to everyone who wondered why in the heck I’ve been posting pictures for the last week. I don’t really have a reason, except that I had to get some things out, and sometimes pictures work better than words.

Anyway, below are the songs for the day. Enjoy!

This song, with all its flickering softness, warm sensitivity and ang-ular rhythm is exactly what I feel like inside right now. It would be tragic, if I weren’t so damn contented about things. Enjoy it below.

A. Goldmund – In A Notebook (Alt: YSI)

I saw Felix Cartal once, and looking back, it was like a tidal wave of sound hit me in the face when he started to play. I just stood there, drenched, wide-eyed, skittery and listening. Hearing this now, I think I underestimated him. He’s not a cotton-ball tidal wave. He’s a city-destroying tsunami, and he’s pissed.

B. Moving Units – Crash N Burn Victims (Felix Cartal Remix) (Alt: YSI)

I’m imagining Bali and Lil Boosie walking into a studio and dropping this like it’s nothing, like they’ve been told they’re not “in” enough, and now they’ve just gone crazy. I think on this track, they actually went so insane that they were locked out of the studio, but rapped anyway from behind the door.

C. Bali Ft. Lil Boosie – We All In (Alt: YSI)

There is no way in hell Adrian Lux can convince me that he’s old enough to legally buy drinks, but he has convinced me that he can make catchier-than-influenza tracks with enough punch-drunk goodness to keep my feet and ears on cloud-nine.

D. Kocky feat. Noonie Bao Prison Break (Adrian Lux Remix) (Alt: YSI)

Also, if you’re looking for more chiming guitars, fuzzy pop-rocks and a special understanding of how to profoundly lament about missing loves, click here to check out One For The Team’s excellent Day-trotter session. It rocks (and not just because Ian suggested we do a cooking show together. True story.)


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