Sometimes I can just jump right into a story and go, and other times, I stare at the ceiling, tapping keys just to tap them, hoping, waiting for something solid. I did that for a few hours today, and then I just decided to post what I had. Hope you guys enjoy!

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on free hosting of songs, please let me know. Zshare is porn-ridden, Yousendit expires in half a day and I dislike Rapidshare so much I would fight it if I saw it in person. Today we try Boxster.

A. Kentucky Nightmare – Caroline & I (Alt: YSI)
B. My People Sleeping – Time Machine (Alt: YSI)
C. (Saved the best for last.) Ida Marie – Louie (Alt: YSI)


One Response

  1. Excellent; I’ll be looking out for Ida Marie. Definetly the best for last.

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