Letting Go.


This post goes out to a band I’ve loved for a few months now, a band I kept hidden for fear of a good thing going bad, and folks, I can’t sit on my hands any longer. Here’s Minneapolis’s Caroline Smith and The Good Night Sleeps.

If this song was written for something other than seduction, I don’t believe it. I still have no idea who Caroline Smith is, but I want to go home with her right now. I have never fallen so hard for a song in my life.

A. Caroline Smith and The Good Night Sleeps – Tying My Shoes

Something about this song is waving to me. It’s winking at me, like a mermaid winking on her rock to get me to swim over just so she can show me that what I’m hearing isn’t music. “What I’m hearing,” she says when I arrive, “isn’t a song at all, but a mess of words and colors, like that dizzy moment right before you fall in love.” Can you hear it below?

B. Caroline Smith and The Good Night Sleeps – Closing The Doors

When I listen to this song, I hear my brother and I, lying upside down on a bed arguing over who is going to grow up first. I hear the laughing, the shouting and the hushed, serious bet that whoever can touch the ground above us gets dibs. Then, I hear shuffling, the sound of a small frame hitting the floor and Caroline Smith telling me in a twangy, cute voice that growing up isn’t something you reach for. It’s a place you end up. Love it.

C. Caroline Smith and The Goodnight Sleeps – Clench My Teeth


2 Responses

  1. Hey Ive been looking for their songs! Thank you so much! I just found myself in your site after a long time of searching. 🙂

  2. Aww too bad, Closing Doors file is already expired! 😦 I really like that one.

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