Not much to say, except that the songs below have infinitely made my day brighter. I hope they do the same for you.

I went to sleep last night and when I openned my eyes, I saw this song standing next to my bed, begging to get in and snuggle. If it happens to find you as well, please let it in. The vocals alone, quivering and shaky enough to wake you up at first but growing large and warm over the fantastic four minutes, are worth waking up to. I hope you love it.

A. Entire Cities – The Woods (Alt: YSI)

I didn’t get into blogging because I know a lot about music. I got into it because songs like the one below can literally change my day. In fact, I’m sure if you asked around my office today, they’d say “Man, what did he eat for breakfast?!?” Funny thing is, I didn’t eat anything. I just listened to this song.

B. Eels – I Like Birds (Alt: YSI)

If you spent three weeks in rehab, and came home, here you would be. For twenty-two days your life was bleak, and here you are, reminded that there is still glitter and gold folded, painted and pressed into a life you thought had lost its shine. Who says nothing gold can stay?

C. Wintersleep – Listen (Listen, Listen) (Alt: YSI)

This song is what happened when I stepped outside. When I opened my mouth. When I tried to pretend I was sixteen again and listening to AFI’s Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes for the first time. It’s good to know I can still relive that feeling, even if it’s not AFI doing the playing.

D. Attack in Black – Marriage (Alt: YSI)


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