Bike Routes and Horse Feathers.

Before you listen to the songs below, you should know the selections follow no specific genre. They are all songs that have been carrying me this last week, as I’ve struggled to adapt to a slow internet connection and a life much different than the one I had in the States. Hope you enjoy!

I was walking around a few days ago with this song playing on my iPod. I can’t remember what story I was going to tell, but I do remember how colors started getting more colorful when it came on. The blues were bluer and the greens greener and while it didn’t knock me over like some songs do, I felt it changing me, like the way taking a alternate bike route changes your view of things.

A. Horse Feathers – Curse In The Wind (Alt: YSI)

The song below is not a song, but an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. Close your eyes and listen to the cars arriving, to the shaking of hands and the awkward shuffling of quick hugs and quicker kisses. To the banging of forks and knives against expensive plates used once a year and to the shouting of older men playing cards. Even listen to the shuffling of ice cubes in eight-ball glasses filled with scotch and to the whispers of table gossip gone too far. Edmund Welles wrote this invitation for you. Will you accept it below?

B. Edmund Welles – Is She Weird? (Alt: YSI)

Inside me there lives a 16-year-old girl named Ingrid who is living this separate life apart from me. She eats unhealthy food, has bad posture, stays out too late and watches reruns of Gossip Girl with envy. She wears black contacts and her smile has edges so dark they could give you nightmares. Despite that, she’s an unusual kind of beautiful, much like the song below. It’s not too dark, just dark enough to fall in love with.

C. Mr. Vega – Techno-Color (EP Version) (Alt: YSI)

I post a lot of Ingrid Michaelson. I think it’s because I really feel for the stories she tells. They’re not complicated by any means, but they do get to me in places other songs can’t. Yesterday I found this song tucked happily in between that small dip where your collarbones meet. It was just resting there, humming along to itself until I found it. Now it’s here for you below.

D. Ingrid Michaelson – The Chain (Demo) (Alt: YSI)

And to whoever requested this a few days ago, my apologies. Here is what you wanted.

E. Young Jeezy – My President Is Black


2 Responses

  1. wow I did all that with Techno-color? lol dope!! thanks for the support I appreciate it alot!!!

    Mr Vega

  2. Thanks for the post!! Go OBAMA/BIDEN ’08!!

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