We’re Back.

If you’re reading this, you might be a bit confused as to why You, Me & Everyone disappeared for a week without notice. The reason? Italy. Not only did I manage to leave my power cord at home in the States, but also the internet here is, well, uh, slow. It does however have doormen with blenders and showers that actually fight back to keep you from entering without spraying everything with water first. Now that we’re back up and running, I want to get straight to the music that we’ve so dearly missed during the past week abroad.

First up is something that I highly recommend. It’s a handsome song, rudimentary in its construction, and yet filled with the kind of solid advice and wistful imagery that can remind you just how capable you are of singing along.  Listen below and I dare you to keep your fingers from tapping on something.

A. Slow Club – Me And You (Alt: YSI)

Ingrid Michaelson is completely insane. Her song You & I is 2:28 minutes long, and is made completely out of candy. I’m not even kidding. If I end up giving out candy here to the kids, I am going to fill up cds with nothing but this song, drop it in their bags and I would put money on them having no idea there wasn’t actual candy in those bags. Listen below.

B. Ingrid Michaelson – You & I (Alt: YSI)

Also, You, Me & Everyone’s Special Investigator Helen will be writing Monday’s post, as she went to review Ingrid’s show with help from the always lovely Allie Roth. Allie, you are a complete badass, and we appreciate the heads up and help with the show. 

Metric is not a new name. Neither is MSTRKRFT. When the two come together, invariably it’s kind of a given we here at YME will like the result. We also know Electro is no more complicated than a bunch of boxes, wires and electrical tape thrown together over someone singing “We like to party.” Humor aside, this is a fantastic track by two DJs who definitely know how to have a good time. If you’ve never seen them live, you need to. Listen below.

C. Metric – Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT remix) (Alt: YSI)


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