“Hmm. The Price Has Gone Up.”

A friend of mine is less than discreet with his sexual endevours and as I walked into walgreens a few days ago, I had to stop. Not only was he standing with a girl I didn’t know, but he was standing with a strange girl in front of the pharmacutical counter. This is where I should have let things go, but I couldn’t do that. I mean, could you ? No, so I went over and introduced myself and this caused two things to happen.

1. He threw a fit. Not a literal fit, but he gave me a kind of angry/”I’m going to hit you in the jaw” stare, which I knew was a good sign.

2. She threw a fit. Again, not a literal fit, but she gave him an even more angry/”I am literally going to stab you in the face” stare, which I also knew was going to be good.

And just when I thought things were going well, out comes the pharmacist with what else but Plan B. I froze. He froze, and the girl? She definitely froze. And then?

Friend (looking at bag): Hmm. The price has gone up.

BAM. I don’t know if it was a “you had to be there” moment, but that might be the funniest situation an outside observer could end up in. Not only that, but I actually saw the pharmacist word the phrase “what the fuck.” Call me a bad friend, but he will never live that down. Just thought I’d share that moment with ya’ll.

Below is the music for the day (also notice a trend in the song names.)

A. Akon – Beautiful (Alt: YSI)
B. Arctic Monkeys – Baby I’m Yours (Alt: YSI)
C. Jeremy Messersmith – Miracles (Alt: YSI)


4 Responses

  1. I had to look up what plan b was, then I laughed really hard

  2. haha that is an amazing story…i wish i would have been able to see HER face when he said that…

  3. That is fantastic! I’d have loved to have been there.

    Ta very much for the lovely Arctic Monkeys tune — it’s been in my head for days now, since I saw their concert film.

  4. That — that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing this priceless moment with us.

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