Below are the songs and stories for the day. Hope you like them and thanks again for sticking around during this next week. I can assure you that It will be one heck of a packing fiasco. Now for what you came for.

You’ll think he’s crazy, but Mike from Kora Records doesn’t want you to give up on the song below. He’d like you to pretend you’re listening to a chorus sitting outside your window that plays while you eat dinner with your family. You’re 12, and even though you can’t quite understand why, both he and you know this will be the soundtrack for something great. He advises that you sit back, close your eyes, sip your milk and spread your food across your plate while you listen. Whatever you do, he and the band want you to just let go and let this song take you away. I’d be willing to bet you’ll like where you end up, and so would he.

A. Fredrik – Black Fur (Alt: YSI)

Also, the Kora Records is releasing Fredrik’s new album Na Na Ni on October 28th. Trust me when I say it is one of the best records I’ve heard this year. Click here to purchase and please, please keep an eye out for the new video for Alina’s Place. Your eyes and ears will not go unrewarded.

Sometimes when I click on something, I have strong memories of riding in the window seat on a bus in Iceland and the tops of trees moving like silent cars shifting and colliding with a violet sky. I remember we had just arrived, and already I felt myself changing. This song is that moment exactly as it happened.  Each major chord like that violet sky, each note like the tops of those trees. Listen below.

B. Michal Jacaszek – Lament (Alt: YSI)

The song below was probably made out of clumps of dirt and grass, handmade, home-y and yet every bit as silly as the one play you saw in high school. It’s not really as serious a song as the two above, but I know you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

C. Me And The Horse I Rode In On – Indio (Alt: YSI)


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