Why I Love The Bloody Beetroots.

(Disclaimer: Electro makes me curse. A lot.)

Everything, when pressed or played, makes a sound. Some sounds stick with you longer than others (think alarm clocks and pop song choruses) but all sounds stick around for a little while, and the Bloody Beetroots have definitely figured that out. They use anything and everything that makes a sound to make sounds, and those sounds seem to conjur up spirits that break every fucking thing in my office/home every time I fire up one of their tracks.

In fact, I think my co-workers are going to ban electro altogether, as kicking things and screaming in excitement has become common place in my cubicle within the last few months, and I’m pretty sure they don’t approve. I mean, how do you explain that to a 40-year-old? Really ? Some say the Beetroots material isn’t the “freshest” thing ever, but I feel like their gritty, fidgety style is just getting started. That, and they wear spiderman masks.

A. Benny Benassi – I Am Not Drunk (B. Beetroots Remix) (Alt: YSI)
B. Alphabeat – Boyfriend (Bloody Beetroots Remix) (Alt: YSI)
C. The Bloody Beetroots – Ill To Destroy (Alt: YSI)

And while we’re on an electro kick, here’s the full Boys Noize rework of Late At The Pier’s Focker. This song will leave your legs weak and your vocal cords stumbling over three words: THAT. JUST. HAPPENED. Enjoy below.

D. Late of the Pier – Focker (Boys Noize Terror Re-Did) (Alt: YSI)


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  1. As long its Alphabeat, jump me in. Thanks for this. Cool blog.

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