Have you ever seen a situation where two people are joking around on the job, and a third person walks in just as something awkward is being said about them? In the world of sitcoms, whoever made the joke usually turns around to find themselves being stared down by an angry friend/co-worker. Yesterday, that third person was the (see image) of our state. Luckily, he has a sense of humor, and because we were wrapped up in meetings and press-related events, he let it slide. I’ve never been more happy to say the wrong thing at the right time, especially when my employer was literally staring me in the face.

Today we’ve got brand new music from T.I., a fantastic Western States Motel track and an old electro favorite. There are two other T.I. tracks floating around, but we make it a point never to post music we don’t like and neither were anything to write home about.

A. Ernie Gaines Ft T.I. – Sip It (Alt: YSI)
B. The Western States Motel – Oh World (Alt: YSI)
C. Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Guns-n-Bombs Freakout Mix) (Alt: YSI)


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