Today, instead of a post, I thought I’d let the songs tell you a story. They might tell you the same story I’m hearing, or they might tell you something completely different. The way I see it, if you listen, they’re bound to tell you something. Also included is You, Me & Everyone’s first eight-minute electro mix inspired by today’s first song. It’s more audio-editing than an actual dj-mix, but it’s not long and the transistions are straightforward and simple. You’ll either love it or dismiss it, but I’d love your comments either way. Enjoy!

A. Katy Perry – Hot N Cold v4 (Codes TADT Remix)

Removed by request. You can still listen to it in the mix below.

The song below has a few really great moments. Its best, however, is when the room suddenly starts to shake at 2:41. Katy sings her lines with a selfish desperation, like someone who really wanted the shaking to happen. Then comes the synths and drum machines and pretty soon you’re staring at all the little parts of the party she’s at. You see the “hey!!!’s” and the fridge opening. The fridge closing and the hunting for a bottle-opener. You even see the bottle opening and the slow-motion walk into the room. Then, when you think it’s over, shit just hits the fan and everything – everything – speeds up.

B. T.I. Ft. T-Pain – Propane (Alt: YSI)

Can you tell if the handclaps in this song are fingersnaps, or if the beats are just the sound the singer makes when he stomps his feet? T.I. offers us a slow groove, a get-ready dancebeat, the kind of thing you’d dance around to when no one is looking. “Ready?   Set?   Ball.”

C. You, Me & Everyone – Morning Mix (Alt: YSI)
        1. Katy Perry – Hot N Cold v4 (Codes TADT Remix)
        2. The American Dream Team – Money VIP feat. Whiskey Pete & Andre Parnel
        3. Kanye West vs. MGMT – Electric Touch (Mighty Mi and Steve1der Mix)
        4. Adam Tensta – Dopeboy (Al Azif Remix)
On any day, these four songs would each be stars in their own right, but today they’re put together, so one had to come first, one second and so on. They all share one thing though. I fucking love them. I’m not sure what they’ll tell you when you listen, but they told me to dance.


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