Phone Calls From a Friend.

First I’d like to send a shout-out to all of my regular readers. You guys are amazing, seriously. It’s not every day I get to wake up and find comments that cause me to leap around my room like I did today, so, thank you. You make writing this blog so much fun.

Second, I’d like to introduce you to Katie Herzig. I’ve thrown up tracks by her in the past, but I’ve never given her the attention she deserves. She’s a local here in Nashville, and she has more talent in one finger than in my entire office building. That’s like 2500 people.

With that said, her songs sound more like the kind of phone calls you’d get at night from a close friend, and though I can’t imagine who she’s talking to, I assume she’s talking to someone. Either way, I’d love to be on the other end, as each word seems to color the day and each syllable an attempt to measure out the deepest reds and blues you’ve ever seen. I guess she’s more of a baker really, and her songs are more like delicious cupcakes. Try
one below.

A. Katie Herzig – I Will Follow (Alt: YSI)
B. Katie Herzig – Shovel (Alt: YSI)

I got this three days ago and I never told you about it. I was listening to it yesterday and I realized I may have forgotten to share it. It makes me forget that music is all about producers, 7:30 meetings and arguments about album art. It makes me forget I’m even breathing.

C. The Silent Years – Someone To Keep Us Warm (Alt: YSI)


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  1. Just as it is wonderful to have good readers, it is a pleasure to be one. (: Thanks for always having music worth a listen or a hundred.

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