Welcome Aboard.

Today I can’t focus. It’s a grounding issue, and I’ve decided that it must be that my neurons have decided to take a company field day, complete with games and a water slide, and it’s nice of them to do so without letting me know ahead of time. I know I could try  Yoga, or another kind of expensive stretch-based excerise, but I’ve got a better solution. Mandatory rides on a School Bus.

I say this because I remember it being the place I learned how to breath, which is how I ground myself  and it’s also the central block around which those expensive stretch-based exercises are built. Think about it.

You take your first deep breath. You feel your feet climb the dusty stairs and the rumble of anxiety in your stomach as you cross the threshold. You’re in now, and you take your second deep breath, frantically looking for an open window-seat. The third deep breath is taken as you spot one, letting your eyes glaze over the path ahead filled with text messagers and magazine readers. You’re happy though, because you take the fourth as you move forward. “Forward is good,” you think, as you shuffle past the bookworms and quiet, snug sleepers whose bags have been stacked haphazerdly in your way. You try to manuvuer through them, but you trip, awkwardly taking your fifth deep breath and grabbing anything for stability. Then comes the tinge of regret, as your teenage mind starts adding up the lunch-room seating possiblities now ruined by the mistake. “Shit!,” you feel yourself mouth, but you’re on the sixth deep breath so it’s more of a muffled “Shhht.” The seventh comes with angst-filled glares as your legs buckle and you fall into the seat, and the eigth? Well, it comes as you settle in and realize that everything will be ok.

Don’t tell me going through that daily won’t ground you. You may not be as happy as you are after Yoga, but I guarantee you’ll be taking deeper breaths for hours afterward, and that’s just good for everyone.

Below is the music for the day. Hope you enjoy!

A. Faded Paper Figures – Logos (Alt: YSI)
B. Conor Oberst – Souled Out!!! (Alt: YSI)
C. Bubbz – Money (Remix) (Alt: YSI)
**(RIYL: Wiley. I fucking love this track.)
D. Shit Disco -72 Virgins (Bloody Beetroots Remix) (Alt: YSI)
E. Boy 8-Bit – The Suspense Is Killing Me (Dada Life Remix) (Alt:YSI)


2 Responses

  1. i’ll take yoga over a bus any day!


  2. Boy 8 Bit @ iTunes: http://bit.ly/2XUapB

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