I was in a convenience store yesterday getting a bottle of water, and there was beer being delivered. They were wheeling it in by the case, and the cases were stacked up like jenga blocks if jenga blocks could get you light-headed and happy. But then they came in all at once and surrounded me. In the span of thirty seconds, I went from standing in a convenience store, to being surrounded by cases of beer stacked as high as the ceiling would allow, and then I heard a crash. I realised that this is how certain people would love to die, that is, in some kind of golden wave of beer and glass, and all I could think was: “I wonder if I could drink my way out.”

A. Lenka – The Show (Alt: YSI)

Sometimes I hate not knowing. Not knowing if something is good, or if it’s bad, and as a rule, you should be able to tell. Kind of like how you can always tell if a glass is full or if it’s empty. Lately it hasn’t been that easy, and this song is my reminder to stop. To stop and just enjoy the show.

B. Oh Darling – Electrocute (Alt: YSI)

If I only had three words to describe this song, I’d probably say something like “beautiful, shaken and distortion-warmed.” Except distortion-warmed is two words. Whoops.

C. Lupe Fiasco Ft Pharrell, Q-Tip & Sarah Green – Paris, Tokyo (Remix) (Alt: YSI)

When I get a song, it goes into a folder. Which folder depends on how much I like it, and sometimes songs I really like end up in the wrong folder. Much like staring at a star though, if you keep staring and don’t look down, you won’t lose it even as the sun comes up. You’ll still be able to see that star hidden in the wrong folder. That is the story of this song, and after a week, it’s still as smooth as butter.


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  1. So very fitting:

    Probably not the outcome you were looking for though.

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