Paper Trail Leaks.


I’m back and if you don’t know, T.I.’s Paper Trail leaked last night and I am more geeked than a kid in a candy store. Literally, I jumped out of my chair and started screaming like I had just won the lottery, and my co-workers? Well, they still have no idea what the outburst was about.

First impression is that this was worth the wait, especially “Every Chance I Get” and “I’m Illy.” I’m kind of shocked no one has picked up on this yet, but I’m usually one of the first to catch this kind of thing, so I’ll talk more about it tomorrow once I’ve had a chance to really dig into the album. Can’t wait to get my hands on the actual cd, but for now, enjoy some new T.I. tracks I know are safe to post.

YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!! (Apologies, as I am still really, really excited.)

(Zshare renamed the files, but they are working and fine. If you have an issue, let me know.)
A. T.I. Ft Justin Timberlake – Dead And Gone (Alt: YSI)
B. T.I. Ft. Ludacris & B.O.B. – On Top Of The World (Alt:YSI)
C. T.I. – 56 Barz (Alt: YSI)


2 Responses

  1. I Agree man, i was really excited when it leaked too. It was well worth the wait, probably his best since trap muzik. It’s like ‘im serious’ mixed with ‘king’….not one bad song. ‘Dead & Gone’ is an instant classic.

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