Those of you who are regular readers know that my tastes run up and down the musical gamut, as do most of the blogs I read regularly. We do this to bring you the newest music first and to expose you to artists that you might not hear otherwise. One of the best at this was Nick over at Red Threat. That dude was always on his game, and I never left his site without downloading something. Today I went
to pay a visit and found that WordPress had shut him down for too many DMCA violations.

Nick, you run one of the best blogs out there and if you’re reading this, if I can help at all, let me know. With that said, let’s get to the music.

First you get three great songs, none of which have heavy bass lines, drug references or vocoders. If you’re still around after those, you can get to the brand new Scarface/Wayne/Bun-B and Hudson / Ludacris tracks after the break. They’re definitely worth the wait.

A. Regina Spektor – December (Demo) (Alt: YSI)
B. Katie Herzig – Songbird (Alt: YSI)
C. Ingrid Michaelson – Breakable (Alt: YSI)


D. Scarface Ft Lil Wayne & Bun-B – Forgot About Me (Alt: YSI)
E. Jennifer Hudson Ft Ludacris – Pocketbook (Alt: YSI)


2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    i really like your blog, all people who have a split musicality are nice to find.
    Just a tip, after listening to the first three songs, check out Hello Saferide, could be up your alley, my personal favorite is the tune Long Lost Penpal.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. thanks man! I really appreciate your kind words. Thankfully, my blog is back on track, so there’s nothing to fret about anymore (at least for now..)

    apparently the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Assoc.) found fault with my posting on Danger and his tour. i thought it was due to a complaint on behalf of Ekler’O’Shock records (Danger’s label), but after sending them an email, someone that represents them emailed me back and said that they’d help me get my blog back if possible.

    so now i don’t see the fuss in all of it, but the DMCA doesn’t care whether or not ekleroshock is ok with all of it, which is confusing.

    we live in an interesting digital world here, and it’s only getting stranger. some day ppl will have to get used to the current mode of distribution, because it’s never going anywhere.

    i never thought that i was doing any harm with my posts, and select certain songs very carefully to ensure that there is something of that artist’s that can still be purchased. i also pay attention to song quality for a lot of it, as well. but i don’t expect an archaic-minded organization like the DMCA to get that.

    well… that’s enough of my rant. thanks again for the praise, and i’m really glad that you like what i do.


    nicko [redthreat]

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