When I was a kid and it was Christmas time, I used to tear off pieces of my advent calendar, and as those little pieces came off, I’d jump around and scream as the pending excitement was too much for me to just stand there and smile. I needed to jump, to flip out, to get it all out before I exploded. Well, I’m going to see Does It Offend You, Yeah? on September 8th here in Nashville, and I’ve started to jump. There aren’t any little pieces of paper to tear off, but I’m still feeling like a kid about to walk into a candy store. I can’t wait.

With that said, here are some tracks that also cause me to jump.

Also, special thanks to Sarah for the heads-up over the holiday that some of the songs in an older post were no longer active. I’m not sure if you’re a regular reader, or if you were just browsing, but they’ve been fixed, and I appreciate the help!

A. Kaiser Chiefs – Love Is Not A Competition But I’m Winning (Nelsen Grover Remix) (Alt: YSI)

I’m not the Kaiser Chiefs biggest fan, but I like generally like what they put out there. However, when I saw this song, I naturally assumed it would be terrible. Boy was I wrong. Check it out above.

B. Teenagers In Tokyo – End It Tonight (Plimsouls Remix) (Alt: YSI)

MOTHERFUCKER. You, Me and Everyone has never touted that it is a family-friendly blog, but fuck. This track is so good, I can’t put the words together to tell you how good it really is. It just is.

C. Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds (Disco Villians Remix) (Alt: YSI)

Think of the first :55 seconds as a musician tuning an instrument. When you hear the beat, you’ll know Tony Edit and Louie Fresh are done tuning, and are ready to rock your face off. It’s not a terribly complex remix by any means, but it is damn good for what it is.

D. Shakedown – At Night (Alan Braxe Remixed) (Alt: YSI)

Sometimes, when my cousin gets fed up with a situation, she’ll open her closet door and start throwing clothes everywhere. When I close my eyes to this song, that’s what I see. Clothes going everywhere. Especially around 2:53 when the vocals kick in.

And a special treat for ya’ll since I took a three-day hiatus, a new Wyclef Jean track.

E. Lil Kim Ft Wyclef Jean – Carribean Connection (Alt: YSI)


2 Responses

  1. Awesome tracks here! Villians’ remixes always impress the hell out of me, yet their live sets are horrific. I wish they could bring the same heat on stage as they do in the studio. And Alan Braxe is as funky as he wants to be.

  2. Hey I’m doing a giveaway for tickets to the Does It Offend You Yeah show if you don’t have them yet…. I just posted it this morning.

    And hi there fellow Nashville music blogger, by the way!

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