That was awkward.

There are certain moments in life where friends show you parts of themselves you wish you hadn’t seen, and usually in my case, there isn’t a considerate “hey, by the way” conversation involved. I bring this up, because a few weeks ago while I was jumping around to Girl Talk, a friend of mine dropped by and walked into my room.

When I saw him, I stopped and walked over to where he was, followed by his ushering me to sit down. Now, this is where things get awkward. By his facial expression, I was expecting a “hey, my girl just broke it off” or “my car was totalled.” No. Instead, he looks me straight in the face, and says “hey man, uh, that’s not dancing.”

There are few things someone can say that cause me to question friendships, and for two straight males, the above isn’t a conversation I really want to have. But it happened, so in the spirit of curiousity (mistake), I asked him what he thought dancing was.

He walks over to my laptop, turns on Don Rimini’s Rave On, and breaks into the most fucking insane freestyle I have ever seen. All I could do was watch and mouth the words “What The FUCK. ” Needless to say, he denies that ever happened to save face, but I know.

Here are five fantastic songs that make me forget I ever saw the Michael fucking Phelps of dance break it down in my room.

1. Marching Band – Feel Good About It (Alt: YSI)
2. Neil Halstead – Two Stones In My Pocket (Alt: YSI)
3. Blitzen Trapper – Furr (Alt: YSI)
4. The Deer Tracks – Yes This Is My Broken Shield (Alt: YSI)
5. School Of Seven Bells – Connjur (Alt: YSI)


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  1. haha, i laughed so hard when reading your post. thanks for the music info…

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