Songs demanding to be played.

The real post is above, but I just wanted to get some music on the Hype Machine, as these tracks are so good, they’re practically demanding to be heard by more ears. These came from last Tuesday’s The Five Best Songs You’ve Ever Heard: Part 2.

    A. Devendra Banhart – Seahorse (Alt: YSI) – Modern Jethro Tull? Hell yes.
    B. Katie Herzig – Shovel (Alt: YSI) – I think I’m breathing and that I have everything I could want. And then I hear her voice, and that everything becomes nothing. She reminds me that there are still places I have yet to see and songs yet to hear. 
    C. Mirah – Don’t Go (Alt: YSI) – Her voice could melt ice. Literally. I just watched it melt ice.
    D. Bombadil – Cavaliers Har Hum (Alt: YSI) – When you click on this link, and your chair grows wheels, don’t be afraid. You’re going a trip, a trip you never expected with a song you never expected when you click on this link.
    E. Good Old War – Window (Alt: YSI)- This song makes me want to kick doorsand rattle windows. It’s the kind of song I like, because it makes you feel so damn happy you’ll want to quit your job.


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