Questions and Comments.

I’ve been thinking a lot about a response to a comment I left over at The World Forgot about favorite songs, and how differently, if asked what our favorites are, music bloggers answer that question. I came to the conclusion that, while I like having twenty different favorites every week, I’m missing most of the the commonality of music when my conversations with friends go as such:

“Hey man, who are you listening to these days?”
“Just a couple of bands this week that I really like: Insert Band Names.”
“…uh, who?”

Billy’s response was that there “wasn’t a way for them to hear the bands I listen to, as they were sent to me in an email,” or maybe I found them while hunting for new stuff. Either way, they simply can’t know.

I thought about it for the last few days, and it dawned on me that we both write about the music that we love, and in doing so, we should be making sure they do know. Whether my friend Graham likes Katie Herzig, David Byrne or MSTRKRFT doesn’t matter. What matters is that he knows who they are, so we can skip the blank stares and long explanations and so he can tell me, like every other artist/band I throw his way, that he “can’t f**king stand them.”

Below are five bands that you might not know or like, but now you do. Enjoy.

1. Ben Sollee – A Few Honest Words (Alt: YSI)
2. Marva Whitney – Things Got To Get Better (Get Together) (Alt: YSI)
3. Rodriguez – Inner City Blues (Alt: YSI)
4. Herve & A-Track ft Cadence Weapon – Roll With The Winners (Alt: YSI)
5. De Novo Dahl – Be Your Man (Alt: YSI)

And a special ’cause I like ya’ll. New Jeezy and Nas:

Young Jeezy ft Nas – My President Is Black (Alt: YSI)


3 Responses

  1. […] I haven’t posted already. Scroll down to past posts for Amazin’, Welcome Back, and My President, as they are definitely worth the […]

  2. that’s one of the main reasons i started blogging… it began as a way for me to simply get my mixtapes {that’s all i used to do} out to all of my friends in one easy spot. then it slowly involved more and more of my time to the point where it is now.

    but essentially my blog was created as a way to share my passion with my close friends. anything else is simply bonus.

  3. hey man that song featuring cadence is unreal “roll with the winners” could you send that song to me I dont know where to download it, thanks man much appreciated!

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