In less than a month, I’ll be touching down in Milan, Italy for a foreign internship. This fact is always on my mind, and as I shuffled through old rap cds to fill the drive time between Nashville and Knoxville over the weekend, I heard them say one word over and over. Hustle.

I’ve always heard it, but how is a whitey-white kid from Memphis who likes bow-ties and fly-fishing supposed to relate to drug sales and rubber-band banks? I still can’t answer that, but as I sat in front of an advisor and talked my way into exactly what I needed to make things happen, I could relate to those songs.

If you want something, make it happen, just like the bands below.

1. Division Kent –  L’Heure Bleue (Nite Cells Roquefort Remix)

I’ve been on Nite Cells for awhile, especially after I heard Try It And Feel It a few months ago. These guys are out of L.A., and they are absolutely badass. I sent Jared from Nite Cells a message a few days ago laying out the fact that I was going to risk being sued by posting this illegally, and he was nice enough to send it my way, with first posting rights. How badass is that?

2. DJ Khaled Ft. Akon – Cocaine Cowboy

Again, how a whitey-white kid from Memphis could relate to drug trafficking and stacks of money is beyond me, but I’m also the one writing this. I dig this track for no other reason than it’s just good

3. The Republic Tigers – Golden Sand

This is an older track, but it’s been popping up on my playlist more and more. Hopefully it’ll make it onto yours.

4. Throw Me The Statue – Your Girlfriend’s Car

Throw Me The Statue is out of Seattle. One of my best friends lives in Seattle. Those are reasons enough to like this band, and like them you will, as their brand of shuffling, clattery pop music steals your heart.

5. The Cool Kids – Pennies

I dare you not to nod your head. I dare you.


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