Wednesday Wackiness.

Woke up this morning, checked my email and less than 30 seconds later, I was jumping around to NEW BOYS NOIZE. Fuck yeah! Even if it’s just a preview of what’s to come, it had me so excited I could have kicked a hole in my wall. Christmas morning is coming soon folks, and Boys Noize is bringing the gifts.

Boys Noize – Late of the Pier Remix (Preview)

Also, on an unrelated note, it may be August, but I can’t wait for fresh powder and new boards. Signal, known for being the only snowboard/coffee company around, released the specs of their new rocker a few months ago, weighing in at 1.4 pounds, and I have been tucking away to make sure I’m riding one come pow season. Check their boards out here.

I seriously cannot wait to shred with this thing.

Jay-Z, in the hip-hop world, you’re a Titan, and that’s no understatement, but honestly, next time you give the “Hov is retiring again” speech, remember that you’re probably not retiring. Just tell me you’re taking a break, and that you’ll have new tracks coming within six months. It’d make our relationship much easier. With that said, here’s a new track from the one and only.

Jay-Z – Jocking Jay-Z

It’s not very often I like Kings of Leon. In fact, I pay them so little attention, I sometimes forget who they are. This track kind of feels like the lead singer’s attempt to catch my attention in a crowded hallway, and oh boy does it work. Here’s a live version of Molly’s Chambers from 2006’s Day Old Belgian Blues EP.

Kings of Leon – Molly’s Chambers (Live)


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