I can’t really tell either.

The other day in conversation, I promised a friend of mine I’d talk about some of the personal things I tend to stay away from on this blog. Her argument was that, and I quote, “I can’t really tell if we’d be friends or not when I read your stuff.” Well, to make her happy, here’s five facts that you may not know, as well as five musical guilty pleasures that I really, really like.

1. I wear sportshirts pretty much every day of the week. That’s pretty straight forward, but they’ve got to be Brooks Brothers, they’ve got to be Slim Fit, and they’ve got to be Non-Iron, because I am a skinny dude and I wear them like t-shirts.

A. Guilty Pleasure 1 – El Barto & Liam B – Particular Symphony (The Verve vs. Marvin Gaye)

2. I listen to electro, and I like it so much, I wake up jumping around to it. I say fuck beeping alarm clocks. Give me Mr. Gaspar, Nite Cells or a MSTRKRFT remix and I’ll be up by seven.

B. Guilty Pleasure 2 – Brittney Spears – Piece of Me (Boz O Lo Mix)

3. I chew on ice like it’s candy, and if Superman has sunlight, chewing on ice makes me feel like a badass. If ever I’m feeling low or intimidated, I just start chewing and I will be glad to get in your face. Same thing goes for Charms Blowpops.

C. Guilty Pleasure 3 – DJ Tripp – B.U.D.D.Y. (Weezer vs. Justice)

4. I dig situations where I’m supposed to feel awkward. I actually go out of my way to throw myself into them, and if I, for some reason, think of an awkward situation, I’ll find a way to make it happen. I think it helps me deal with the weird situations in our lives we don’t want to face. That and you meet all sorts of cool people along the way.

D. Guilty Pleasure 4 – Bikini – 1234 (Feist Cover)

5. I think I’m invicible. Well, not really, but I’m not afraid of jumping off cliffs into water (even though I’ve landed on my face), flying down a mountain on a snowboard (even though I’ve broken bones) or falling down mountains and leaping across boulders (even though both have resulted in falling into frigid water or being swept up by rapids.) I’m still alive, and God gave me legs. What am I supposed to do?

E. Guilty Pleasure 5 – DJ Zebra – Popul(Air) (Nada Surf vs. Air & Mark Ronson)


3 Responses

  1. All fun stuff.
    I’m gonna have to start throwing electro in my alarm clock. I’ve never actually thought of that.

  2. Nicely done. 🙂

    But seriously, Brittney Spears?

  3. classic

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