Lawn Chairs.

A few days ago, a friend and I walked past a sign in front of a neighbor’s house, and in not-so-many words, it said this:


For starters, what in the hell was it doing on your front lawn? Also, it was not even that nice of a chair. I saw it the other day and it didn’t look like a leather la-z-boy, or some kind of ornate, 1800’s wooden rocking chair. It was all wood, springs and cloth, and for all they know, somebody came along and thought “Man, I could really use that.”

Now, I’m no expert, but if your chair is literally sitting three and a half feet from the curb, it’s up for grabs.

Basically though, what I’m saying here is that I’m keeping the chair.

How does this tie into music? Well, I got a new chair, and you get some new songs. Enjoy.

1. The Game and Lil Wayne – My Life
(I mean, I like this song. A lot.) 

2. X-Ray – Turbulence Duplate (Starstruck Diplo Mix)
(This is off Top Ranking, the new Diplo/Santi/MIA mixtape floating around everywhere. I love it.)

3. Eef Barzelay – Numerology
(I want to buy everything this band touches.)

4. Laura Marling – Failure
(I have a love affair with this song that could carry me through anything. Anything.)

5. The Submarines – Brightest Hour
(This song is off the new record Honeysuckle Weeks. Buy it here. You will not be disappointed.)

Also, check this out:


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