South Central gets DIRTY.

I ♥ electro-bangers. I can’t help it, and today’s post is brought to you by my stumbling on a handful of tracks by british, electro-punk duo South Central. I have no idea what these guys look like, just that their names are Rob and Keith, they idolize smoke and black hoodies, and they create some of the most inconsistent, but beautifully dirty electro-pop ever. So much so that one reviewer called them the “British Justice.” Not sure they’re at that level yet, but either way, straight outta Brighton, here’s South Central.

1. South Central – Revolution
2. Van She – Sex City (South Central Dark City Remix)
3. Lalula – Supa Bajo (South Central Remix)
4. Dandi Wind – Searching Flesh (South Central Remix)

And while we’re on the topic of electro-bangers, here are a few tracks by Soda & Suds, a Belgium DJ duo, that have been on repeat in Itunes for a few days. I just found them a few weeks ago, and I’m really digging their stuff.

5. Soda & Suds – Zapatista
6. Soda & Suds – Splend It (S&S Remix)

Hope ya’ll enjoy the tracks!


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