T.I. finally admits he’s full of shit.

Just kidding about T.I. I can’t wait for the Paper Trail, but I’ve got to make this one quick, as I’ve got about 1400 pages of Census data and Working Poor studies to sort through and make a powerpoint out of tonight, so if you’re religious, put in a prayer for me. Below are a few tracks I couldn’t wait to post today, and just a warning, they are pretty ecclectic.

1. T.I. – What Up
(If I could pick only one song to listen to this week, this would definitely be it.)

2. T.I. – Swing Your Rag
(Nowhere near as good as the song above, but it’s pretty darn good.)

3. The Hood Internet – Sides and Effects (Killer Mike vs. Shy Child)
(Trap Music meet New York based indie rockers Shy Child. Beautiful.)

4. Nite Cells – La Mer Remix
(I sent Jared McFarland from Nite Cells a message the other day about what they put in the water in California, and this is what he said: “I think they put booze in the water out here or maybe PCP or some shit, either way the result is a bunch of crazy nasty electro music.” That’s exactly what this song is, and it’s really, really good.

5. The Great Northwest – Chief John
(The Great Northwest sings like a silent prayer probably sounds out loud. This song is the kind of prayer that changes you, and whether it’s answered or not, you feel a little better about the world when you say it. Special thanks to Mike from The Kora Records for sending over this song.)

6. The Essex Green – Don’t Know Why
(Normally, I’d think about something to say, but I’ll let this song speak for itself.)

7. Busta Rhymes – Missle
(I love Busta Rhymes, because no matter how old he gets, he can always keep my feet tapping along. This time I’m tapping to a song about missles.)

8. Killer Mike ft Eightball and MJG – Super Clean, Super Hard
(No big story here. It’s kind of from Memphis, it’s good and therefore it gets posted. End of story.)

9. Trae – So Hot
(The other day I was walking down 8th Avenue, chewing on some ice. Had I been listening to this song, I would have been walking with a smile on my face and a swag in my step.)

10. Gucci-Mane – Goin To Miami
(I’ve never figured out why, but these kinds of songs bring me back home. What? I don’t get it either.)


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