Yesterday’s post got me thinking. Everybody has friends that, for whatever reason, make you laugh just a little bit more than anyone else. For me, it’s because things this friend constantly says don’t make any sense, and yesterday’s quote came straight from his mouth. Here’s a few recent tidbits, as well as the stories that left me laughing so hard I’m pretty sure I was crying.

FYI 1: It’s 11 P.M. and we’ve just left a bar, and we’re walking down the sidewalk. We see a guy walking towards us with a cane in his hand, and about ten seconds after we figure out he’s blind, we collectively move to one side to let him pass. As we’re passing, said friend stops where he is and watches the guy walk past him, and then runs after to catch up. 30 seconds later, he stops again, and with a confused look on his face, turns around and says, “Hey, what do you think the worst part of being blind is?”

FYI 2: Picture it. House party and the cops roll in. People are running everywhere. They’ve thrown everyone 21 and up into a bedroom, and we’re all sitting around, laughing and joking about how they don’t have the balls to throw us in jail. Pretty soon, a very uptight cop steps in and said friend starts heckling him, screaming “HEY! YOU IN THE BLUE! HEY BLUE BALLS! YEAH, YOU! WHAT’S UP BLUE BALLS!

And then my friend stands up. Cop goes crazy. He is shouting at my friend, who has the biggest grin I have ever seen on someone’s face. Cop loses it and what follows is one of the best conversations I have ever heard between two people.

Cop: You think that’s funny? I SAID, DO YOU THINK THAT S*** IS FUNNY? You want to come back to the station and blow?

Friend: Are you gay?!

Cop: WHAT?

Friend: What do you mean what? You just asked me to blow you!

I kid you not, everyone in that room, even the other cops were laughing so hard we all could have died.

FYI 3: Last, but not least, one of the funniest things I have ever heard him say.

Man, I woke up last night at 2 AM and saw that it was 80 degrees, so I turned the heat down to 76 to cool things off.

It is in these moments I love my friends more than they could ever know, and these five songs constantly remind me of the nights we’ve shared, the songs we’ve shouted to, and how lucky I am to have the friends that I do. These songs aren’t my usual indie fare, but they sure as heck get me sentimental.

5. Cory Harris – Twenty-One
(This song is currently studying to be an ecologist.)
4. Cory Morrow – Beer
(This song is not only a team player, but it likes long walks on the beach and romantic dinners.)
3. Cory Morrow – Nashville Sucks (Live)
(Sometimes it’s important to write something simply to take up space.)
2. Old Crow Medicine Show – Wagon Wheel
(Named “Best Song” by the four people in my house that have heard this song.)
1. LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends
(This song was written an hour before checkers was invented. I have no idea what that means.)


2 Responses

  1. LCD Soundsystem… finally something you listen to that I have heard of before.

  2. lol!

    Best kind of friends.

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