Hipsters? No. Fun? Yes.

One of the things I dislike about a select group of people who are into music, is that they take all the fun out of listening to it.

What I mean is, if you pride yourself on being into music, don’t tell me that a band I like isn’t somehow up to hipster standards, and then play me something like Tapes N’ Tapes, the most boring band in America, and expect me to take you seriously.

I had this happen the other day, along with the revelation that “people who jump around at concerts ruin the experience for serious music fans.” I thought he was kidding when he said that, but this was no joke. This was “American Apparel wearing, Silver Jews listeningserious, and even after I realized he was serious, I still thought he was joking.

What I really wanted to ask him was whether or not his parents ever considered giving him up for adoption, because If you’re telling me that I can’t flip out when the Crookers drop a beat, when Girl Talk hits a note of brilliance or when Feist covers the Kinks song “Nothin’ In This World…”, you’re crazy, but what I really said was “Huh, then what’s the point of music?”

These five songs answer that question for me, because if you played them while I was in the room, I would drop what I was doing and jump around like crazy. Hope you enjoy.

1. Nite Cells – Try It, Feel It
(I once ran up a two-hundred dollar bar tab. That has nothing to do with this song.)

2. Party Ben – Deceptataffy
(I’m not a big fan of Deception, or Laffy Taffy, but I do like this song.)

3. Phones – Worryin’
(This is a simple song. You’ll like it for its simplicity.)

4. Girl Talk – Give Me A Beat
(Ever dance in the shower? You should. This song really kicks into gear around 2:16.)

5. Justice – Phantom Pt. II (Boys Noize Remix)
(I realize this is old news, but you can’t jump around without the two groups above. It just can’t be done, and if it can, please videotape yourself dancing without the aid of those two bands, and send it to bball@utk.edu, and I promise I’ll post it.) 

Also, the best video I’ve seen in awhile:



3 Responses

  1. I agree that Indie Hipsters should piss off, but when have indie hipsters been heavily into tapes N tapes. I’m no super fan of them but think the new album has some good stuff. Most of the times it seems like the indie hipsters are pushing bands like Animal Collective or The Hold Steady. and the god of all indie hipster bands, Radio head. pretty much the pitchfork crowd, which does include the Silver Jews as you mentioned. but the Tapes N’ Tapes comment left me scratching my head. maybe its just that YOU dont like them, not so much that they are a hippster band.

  2. Thanks for the comment, but this particular hipster was very into Tapes N’ Tapes. I disagree that they weren’t a hipster band, as I remember Gorilla vs. Bear and a few other blogs going on and on about them, and then Pitchfork giving their first album an 8.3, which, in my eyes, put them into your definition of the Pitchfork crowd, but my point was more that music shouldn’t ever be taken that seriously. It should be enjoyed.

  3. I like that one song of Tapes N’ Tapes that I have heard… “Insistor.” But I haven’t heard anything else so I can’t judge.

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