New Three Six Mafia? Oh Yeah.

Let me explain my day like this.

I’m sitting at work, twiddling my thumbs and staring into space, when I hear a speakerphone conversation going on in the conference room behind me. Now, this happens all the time, because, as I have discovered in the month or so I’ve been there, people like love talking loudly into a speaker if it’s in the middle of a table. So, as this woman is quite literally yelling, I got to listen to the conversation of the year. Now, let’s skip to the part of the conversation that, if recorded, would win a f***ing Grammy. 

Woman: Blah, blah, blah.
Guy: And where would you like this order shipped?
Woman: 625 blah blah, Albuquerque, New Mexico, blah.
Guy: We don’t ship out of the country.
Woman: What? Ok, but this is in the United States.
Guy: No, you said to ship it to Mexico.
Woman: WHAT? No, I said NEW MEXICO.

Guy: Sorry, but we can’t ship out of the United States.
Woman: WHAT???

At this point everyone outside the room and within earshot was laughing, but it only got better, because then he just hung up. I’ve never heard someone scream so many expletives in my life.

Now, today’s music segment isn’t going to be what you’re used to from You, Me and Everyone. In June, I mentioned that I’d be doing a monthly dirty south rap/make white people uncomfortable day, and today is that day. Why? Well, this morning a friend gave me the new Three Six Mafia release Last 2 Walk, and as I’m from Memphis, I flipped out. All joking aside though, this is the best Three Six release since Chp. 2: World Domination. The album, featuring the crazy club banger Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body), a bangin’ track with Akon and my personal favorite First 48 with another Memphis duo, Eightball & MJG, is pretty much everything we’ve come to expect from the new Three Six Mafia.

I say new, because if you’re not familiar with Three Six, or you jumped on the bandwagon after Most Known Unknown or even When The Smoke Clears, Three Six used to be much, MUCH darker. If you’re curious, take a listen to Chapter 2: World Domination or Mystic Stylez. You’ll be in for one heck of a suprise.

Other notable songs include I Got featuring Pimp C and Project Pat, a bangin’ electro-infused track that’s sure to pop up on summer mixtapes and/or muxtapes everywhere, Playstation, Trap Boom (if only for Project Pat’s sake), On Some Chrome (UGK is a badass and the beat is crazy) and My Own Way (Remix) with Good Charlotte.

Wait, Good Charlotte? Yeah, that’s what I thought until I heard it and trust me, the song is insane.

Three Six Mafia – Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) (Ft. Young D, Project Pat, Superpower)
(I haven’t enjoyed a Three Six song this much since Tear The Club Up in middle school.)

Three Six Mafia – That’s Right (Ft Akon)

Three Six Mafia – I Got (Ft Pimp C and Project Pat)

And my favorite Three Six song aside from Tear The Club Up, because it reminds me of the ninth grade when we snuck out of gym class and huddled around a walkman just so we could hear this song. Check it out. Just a warning though, it’s not your typical Three Six fare. It’s dark.

Tear Da Club Up Thugs – Triple Six Clubhouse


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