Blue, Yellow and Red.

How many times have you tasted wine? I mean really experienced it? Now, I’m not asking how many glasses of wine you’ve had. What I’m asking is, “How many times have you felt that anxiousness, that eagerness as you watch the first burgundy drop slowly roll its way down the glass, past your pursed lips as you start to feel dizzy, your legs wobbling, your tongue delighted, hysterical with the wild, succulent flavors it’s tasting.

I ask because as I listened to the hundred or so songs on my to-do list last night, I realized music was just like that for me. I listen, day in and day out, but with so much to hear and so little time, rarely do I get to experience that “perfect glass of wine.” Here are some of my favorites this week:

1. Electric President (aka Radical Face) – Insomnia

If a song can be both dreamy and natural, both up above, riding the tops of cotton clouds and down below, strolling slowly, casually along the bottoms of the motions that fill the hours in our day, this is it.

2. Bikini – I Remember Being You

Once in awhile, when there isn’t much going on and the day is slowly rolling by, I’ll get lost in my memories. Sometimes they stay awhile, like old friends come to pay their repects, and other times they move quickly, quietly as if they were never even there at all. Kind of like this song. It’s really hooky, beautiful, but altogether much too short.

3. Lismore – 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)

It’s 1996, and I’m sitting on the back of a silver pickup truck staring down at my feet. I close my eyes, feeling the air leave my chest as the silence is broken by my brother fooling around with the car keys. I open my eyes. The radio turns on and I hear the first notes of a song that would change the way I listen to music forever. This is not that song, but it’s damn close.

4. A.A. Bondy – You Got To Die (Daytrotter Session)

I was reading Daytrotter last month, and I came across this song, and a caption that said:

“This song feels old, like it was buried in the ground long before me and my shovel just happened to strike it one day.”

I think they hit the nail on the head with this one.

5. Kasai Allstars – “Quick As White”

(Courtesy of Said The Gramophone)

I sit in an office. Surrounded by people. People answering phones. People working. I visit Said The Gramophone as I do every day. I read the story, I look away. My computer, unbeknownst to me, clicks on the link. I hear a sound, quietly at first, then BOOM. The Congo is now audibly marching out of my cubicle. These people working look up, I look down. The end. That’s why you should like this song.


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