Lil Wayne and Guatemala? Yes.

It’s my lunch break and I’ve been reading about Public Health Care reform and the working poor for three and a half hours. Did you know almost half of high-work, low income families have three or more children, as opposed to moderate-work, low income families who favor one? That’s just crazy. You’re telling me if I work less, statistically I’d favor having less children? JACKPOT!

Now, if I were a parent in that unfortunate multiple child senario, I’d be faced with two options.

A. Continue sucking wind, or
B. Sell those kids on Ebay and move to sunny Guatemala, baby! Yeah!

(Please excuse the poor quality of the image above, as I’m at work.)

Now, clearly I’m not really advocating that you sell your children on Ebay, but just as I try to mean well by use of humor, these six songs try to mean just as well by use of beautiful.

1. Destroyer – “Canadian Lover/Falcon’s Escape”
(Courtesy of Said the Gramophone)

2. We/Or/Me – “Tell Sarah”
(Courtesy of Said the Gramophone)

3. Rod Thomas – You Get Goodbyes (radio edit)
(Courtesy of The World Forgot)

4. Sam Cooke – You Send Me

5. Ladyhawke – Paris Is Burning (Peaches Remix)

6. Adele – Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx Classic Remix Edit)

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about rappers turned rockstars, primarily because of my earlier dilemma with Lil Wayne comparing himself to Martin Luther King, Jr, but I realized that there isn’t any difference between that and what Brian Warner or Alice Cooper do/did on a daily basis. With that in mind, here are the Lil Wayne bonus tracks (My favorite being I’m Me, which was all over mixtapes for months before the Carter III dropped):

1. Lil Wayne – Action (UK Bonus)
2. Lil Wayne – Prostitute
3. Lil Wayne – Whip It

(4-8 are included in a .zip file, all songs below linked to MediaShare)
4. Lil Wayne – I’m Me (Prod. by DJ Nasty)
5. Lil Wayne – Gossip (Prod. by StreetRunner)
6. Lil Wayne – Kush (Prod. by Maestro)
7. Lil Wayne – Love Me Or Hate Me (Prod. by D. Kirkwood)
8. Lil Wayne – Talkin’ About It (Prod. by Infamous)

As a bonus to the bonus, here’s a great Freestyle from 106 and Park.


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  1. Where do you come up with this stuff? It’s hilarious.

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