Get Dirty.

Last friday, I stepped out of the office to get lunch at a place down the street, and as I made my way outside, I noticed two things.

1. There were people everywhere.
2. There were people everywhere

At this point, I noticed that nine out of every 10 people were wearing cowboy hats, and the other 1/10th had on jean shorts. “Great.” I thought, “I’m going back to the office.” But I didn’t go back. I stood in line and while I was there, I looked down at the six-year-old miniature Kenny Chesney in front of me and before I could categorize him as ridiculous, I heard screaming and this kid started flipping out. What I mean is, his eyes just popped out of his head and he started jumping. No, scratch that. “He just qualified for the fucking olympics  leaping. What would you do in that situation? I stepped back, looking frantically for my phone to call the police, but as I shuffled around, I saw what he was so excited about. We were standing across the street from Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift. Now, I’m not really a country fan, but it dawned on me that I was exactly like this kid. If I saw Leslie Feist, Matthew Murphy, Phillip Dicky from SSLYBY or any number of frontmen and women, I would be jumping too. How many of us are exactly like this six-year-old? I know I am. Are you?

Now, once a month, I indulge in what I like to call the “forgetting I’m white” day. This is the one day that I share my secret love for dirty, dirty rap and hip-hop with the world and today is your lucky day. Here are fifteen songs I’ve got on repeat. Enjoy them, because you know you secretly like rap too.

1. Yo Gotti – Money Ain’t An Object

2. J Valentine ft. Gucci Mane – Freaky

3. Alfamega – Uhh Huhh

4. Nas – Black President

5. Lil Flip – Freestyle (Lil Wayne Diss)

6. Piles – Number 1 Fan

7. Nas – Hero

8. Cam’ron – My Aura

9. Nas – Fried Chicken ft. Busta Rhymes

10. Styles P ft. Wyclef Jean – Understand Me

11. Royce da ’59 – Done Talkin’

12. Cassidy – Lost It All

13. Yung Joc ft. Trick Daddy – Chevy Smile

14. Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross – Cash Flow

15. Yo Gotti ft. Juelz Santana – Aww Man

And as a bonus, hands down the best rap song ever made:

8ball & MJG ft. Al Kapone – Memphis


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