What do you consider difficult?

To start this post off right, I’d like to share some advice I gave someone when she was complaining about how insanely difficult one of her summer professors is. The conversation and subsequent advice is detailed below for your enjoyment.



“This class and the homework is impossible! I’ve been working on it all day! This is ridiculous! What should I do?”

“Well, if he’s nice, set your apartment on fire and tomorrow in class complain about being emotionally distraught. He’ll feel bad and go easy on you. If not, complain about him being gender insensitive. Upside is you get a new teacher who is aware of the gross gender insensitivity problem that your class is “having.” He’ll give you an easy A. Downside is you might have to move on to racial insensitivity and get him fired too.”

Either way, with my advice, I figure she’ll at least get a B.

Earlier today, I had planned on filling this space with my thoughts about the Carter III leak I had been so excited about, but as I was listening and writing, I heard Wayne compare himself to Martin Luther King, and at that point, I mentally tuned out. I mean, I still like the music, but who really needs to audibly ingest that nonsense? Not this music blogger. I might take a few less views because of it, but you have to stand for what you believe is right, y’know?

Couple tracks I liked this week so far:

Rostam Batmanglij – “Campus”
(Courtesy of Stereogum)

Ask yourself three questions before you click on that link:
A. Do you like quirky, ivy league-ish bands that sound like a modern day Sublime?
B. Do you like String instruments?
C. Do you like Batman?

Pre-Vampire Weekend, and much, much, much better than the album version. And yes, he does have “Batman” in his last name.             …Batman.

Marlena Shaw – “California Soul (Diplo Remix)”

Simply. Incredible. That’s all the wordplay this song needs.
Sisters of chicago-rillas rhymefest vs the Changes 

The Hood Internet does it again. How they weave together delicate, uplifting melodies with hip-hop infused lyrics as seamlessly and as professionally as a quilt-maker sewing different patches together to make quilts is far and beyond my limited understanding. Keep it up guys.

I’m going to stop there for now. It’s been one hell of a night.


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