“Hey man, girls can’t get crabs. Everyone knows that.”

Photo by Carf

Ever hear someone say something so ridiculous that it physically makes you stop whatever it was that you were doing? Yeah. 

Couple of things today that peaked my interest, one being a few live tracks from the Avett Brother’s performance at Summer Camp in Chillicothe, Illinois. Now, I’m not sure if they caught my attention because, frankly, I love the Avett Brothers, or because I can’t pronounce Chillicothe. Either way, take a listen below and see what you think.

Avett Brothers – Live at Summer Camp – Will You Return?
Avett Brothers – Live at Summer Camp – Die Die Die
(Courtesy of Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good)

Found this little ditty by Sophie’s Pigeons the other day, and it’s been on repeat ever since. I don’t really know much about them other than they signed to Manchester’s Red Deer Records, but she has a great voice, and the action figure sounds really push this one over the edge. Great track.

Sophie’s Pigeons – Say Play Sway

Here is a favorite acoustic track of mine by the always fantastic Cloud Cult who turn “stupid question marks into simple candy canes.” Take a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

Cloud Cult – Bobby’s Spacesuit 
(Courtesy of Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good)

Next order of business is the new Sigur Ros fresh off the presses and I have to say, I like the direction they’ve headed in much more than in past releases. I mean, I’m all for eight minute songs, but when they throw me the Icelandic equivalent of pop music, I know I’m in for a treat. Iceland is a great place to visit by the way, but bring your credit card because it is expensive. 

Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook
(Courtesy of Walrus Music Blog)

On another high note, I hate Coldplay. There, I said it. But the Cryptonites remix of Violet Hill? AWESOME

Coldplay – Violet Hill (Cryptonites remix)
(Courtesy of Manalogue)

Also, another new Weezer track off the recently leaked album. It’s more honest than Cuomo and the gang have been in a long, long time. Check it out below.

Weezer- The Angel And The One 

I’ll end on one of my favorite songs to play when I want a little pick-me-up.

Eels – Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues (Daiseys of the Galaxy)
(Courtesy of Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good)


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