Like AA Bondy, Jose Gonzalez or Sea Wolf? You’re about to.

Funny how plans change. I saw this in person tonight and I can’t describe the feeling of joy inside, other than to say it made me want to share some of that joy with you through the songs below. All of these have been hand-picked with love and care for your enjoyment, so I hope you like them!

Track 1: The Tough Alliance – “Taken Too Young (cover/remix of Taken By Trees)”. (Courtesy of Said the Gramophone.)

I’ve never seen the peaks and valleys of South Africa, but this song slowly rolls over what my mind can imagine from the pictures I’ve seen, like something strange and foreign, delicate, intricate, weaving its way through my ears like I imagine only those sounds could. This is a great way to end the day.

Track 2: A.A. Bondy Daytrotter Session – “Mightiest of Guns”
(Courtesy of Who Killed The Mixtape?)

That harmonica is like the sound of God’s hand lifting up a weary soul. It speaks, breathing slowly, calmly, saying “Come out you broken and bruised, I’m here now. Come out and everything will be alright.” It’s fantastic.

Track 3: John Dahlback – Down With All
(Courtesy of RedThreat)

Not the most inventive, original or best song I’ve ever heard, but it’s familiar, like the taste of a great cup of coffee, or the feel of someone you know brushing past you. It’s not earth-shattering, but you like it nonetheless.

Track 4: Jose Gonzalez – Cycling Triviality
(Courtesy of The World Forgot)

In 2 Corinthians, Paul is talking about giving. Not giving like we give to someone who asks for it at a gas station or outside a diner, but a giving out of love, with wholeheartedness and compassion, and without expectation. This is how I want to share this song with you. Why? Because I think it will make you stronger, better, richer. This song to me is warm and inviting, like an old friend come to visit just because, with cookies and a smile. I want this song to be that friend.

Track 5: Sea Wolf – You’re a Wolf (Live – Backstage Session)
(Courtesy of Hard To Find A Friend)

I know this song is good. Somehow I knew it before I even pressed play, and when I did, and that guitar riff came rushing through the speakers like a flood covering my tiny room with sound, I just smiled and let it take me away. My advice? Close your eyes, hit play, and watch yourself be carried away by the sounds of Sea Wolf.


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  1. great post. simply great. thanks for the shoutout.

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