A brief tutorial on how to mess with your roommate.

Once or twice a week, I come up with creative ideas to drive my roommate insane. This week, I have discovered a new method of messing with him, documented below for your enjoyment.


Step 1: Record a six minute audio recording with quicktime of you singing “No Air” by Jordin Sparks. If you don’t know this song, you can find it here. After you record it, import it into Itunes and convert it to an MP3 so the appleTV will recognize the file and play it.

Step 2: Sneak downstairs while he is quietly reading on the couch, and distract him whilst you turn on the receiver and the appleTV. Make sure not to turn on the TV, and to press the button on the appleTV remote to turn it on, and remember also to turn the volume up AS LOUD AS IT WILL GO, which in our case is really, really loud.

Step 3: Hide the remotes and go upstairs.

Step 4: Set your speakers to the appleTV and turn up the volume in Itunes.

Step 5: Hit play.


Step 6 (and my personal favorite): Hit play and watch your roommate throw things, scream and lose his mind for a few minutes while he scrambles to figure out:

A. Where the remotes are, and
B. Which button does what on the front of the TV, receiver and appleTV

All while listening to you straining to sing “No Air” as terribly as you possibly can for six minutes.


Now, do that or something like filling his bathroom from floor to ceiling with balloons once a week and you will never need to rent comedy movies ever again.


One Response

  1. How dare you diss my favorite song!

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