Made some new friends over the weekend in Chattanooga. Decided to drive just outside to Lookout Mountain, GA where my new friends and I hiked the Lula Lake Land Trust (quite a mouthful). About a mile in, we climbed down a steep slope and stood 50 feet away from a giant waterfall. There was slippery rock beneath us leading up to where the water touched down and had I had different shoes, I would have gotten much, much closer. After we got back in town (Chattanooga), we stopped for some Barbeque, and then took a tour of UTC before I left to go home. On the way back however, I had to pull over into a Burger
King and nap for an hour, as I was falling asleep at the wheel.

A few music notes:

Kidz in the Hall just dropped a new video for “Drivin’ Down the Block.” Heard about this over at Panda Toes. Like the track, love the video. Take a look.

And as long as we’re talking about ridiculous videos that are also decent songs, here is a track from the Pack called “In My Car.” It’s been around for about a year now, but I still love every minute of it.

Also from the Pack, “Vans” is a fantastic video and an even better song. Youtube disabled embedding, but you can find it here. Treat your eyes and ears to this video. You won’t be disappointed.

Next is just a track I can’t get enough of. It’s been around the blogosphere and remixed so many times, it should be illegal. To top it off, it’s only been around for a month or two. This goes out to my favorite rapper, Lil’ Wayne. You make candy-coated beats that send a room full of uncoordinated white kids into a frenzy faster than a sale on New Balance shoes, which apparently we all like. Not going to lie though, I own a pair.

Gonna leave you with a video for a track that has kept me nodding my head for years now. Straight from Biggie Smallz:

**Bonus: Ratatat remix – here.


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