Broken Hand, Sound Mind

Spent all week preparing for the TNJN verge conference and I think it well, especially after walking out of the “lunch” today with a 4 ft. loaf of bread tucked between my arms. Pictures turned out well, but I think it might be time to finally suck it up and buy a nice 70-200mm lense. I mean, I don’t mind jumping around like a cat to try and get a good shot up close, but sometimes it’d be nice to stand towards the back and “blend” in.

Anyway, on to music. Heard this Poney, Poney track today, “Cross the Fader” that peaked my interest. Produced by Justice so you know it has to be good, and it is definitely banging. Never heard of them before, but I dig the beat and I can not wait for the album to drop March 10th. (track courtesy of bigstereo):

grab the track here

Second track is by Estelle ft. the great Kayne West. I really dig the vocals, and the warm sound flowing out of my speakers. As always, Kayne spins some nice rhymes, but, as mentioned before, it’s really Estelle Swaray’s vocals that seal the deal. You can
check out her myspace; there are some nice tracks on there as well.
(track courtesy of discobelle)

grab the track here

Finally, take a listen to The Teenagers. There has been a lot of fuss over these guys lately, and they are definitely worth checking out, especially the song Homecoming. Dig it.


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